“I found the group Coaching really useful for helping me to develop as a Leader in my ‘Head girl’ role. It was good to have regular meetings”

Ebony Ex-Head girl

“Over the course of my time at DESC I have been involved in multiple leadership positions such as Peer Mentor, Junior House Leader and Deputy House Leader for my house. The Naviture training programme has given me the opportunity to hone my leadership skills even more. I feel more confident with leading, communicating, my skills and abilities. I’ve learnt how to better myself due to the course and that leadership is not only about leading a team, but also engaging thoroughly with the members and working as a group to achieve a goal.”

Sachika 6th form student

“I have been involved in leadership throughout my life at DESC. The things I’ve done include: Student Council, Coast House Ambassador, Leadership 101, Junior House Leader and currently Senior House Leader. With the help of the Naviture Programme, I have had the opportunity to focus closely on becoming a holistically better leader. The courses I’ve done have enabled me to develop key skills for example communication, self-analysis and project management.”

Aditi 6th form student

“I have applied for a Business Management Degree course in a UK University. I didn’t have much experience to talk about in my UCAS application so I took a ‘Teamwork course’ and a ‘Leadership course’ with Naviture. They had a good structure, enough content for me to manage along with my other studies. What I found really useful was the tools to apply what I had learned and examples of how I could use it as evidence to stand out in applications and interviews.”

Alan 6th form student

“It was a very positive course for me to undertake. It got me thinking about my future; only to realise that I had a very strong plan for myself somewhere deep in my head. Being able to let out my creativity to illustrate such thoughts really helped in actually being able to visualise what I was planning on doing with my life.”

Shayan Student of "Build a vision" course

The Young International Leadership course has helped me become a better Leader with the skills I have used. The teachers are great!

Hanna  Graduate of The Young International Leadership course – stage red.

The Young International Leadership course has helped me improve my skills and problem solving!

Shrishti Graduate of Young International Leadership Course – stage red & orange

The International Young Leadership course has helped me with my problem solving skills.

Will Graduate of Young International Leadership course - stage red.

Really good. One of the best to be truthful. It’s a good thing to do. Thank you Naviture!

Ben Graduate of The Young International Leadership course – stage red, orange & green

I have loved this course and it’s been fun while being educating. Thank you Naviture!

Owain Graduate of The Young International Leadership course – stage red, orange & green

Thank you for inspiring us to be better leaders and showing us the key facets of being a leader. The course was really well tailored to our House system and our roles within it, so it was easy to draw parallels with what we were doing and how we could apply it to what we do. What’s more, I can also apply the communication and rapport building aspects to my daily life, as I now know how to appear friendlier and more approachable to people and also how to begin to build a relationship with them – things I have always found difficult.

Zubiya Graduate of Naviture's Student Leadership Course

Naviture coaching was very helpful as it allowed me to acknowledge what I was capable of achieving, and gave me positive and encouraging view of my future. It filled me with confidence and reassurance allowing me to visualise my goals more clearly

Sebastian  Graduate of “Navigate your future” course and Coaching.
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